Success and Uncharted Waters

In the past month I have began to diversify my business. While still an Ecommerce and sales consultation company, I have seen Xenothos LLC take a step in a new direction. I have brought on several partners who are utilizing Xenothos LLC as a marketing agency, thus these are exciting times.

With these new initiatives underway, I have had the normal growing pains any new player in the advertising world would have. The simple questions are always there. “Who are you?” “Why should I even listen to you?” My favorite and most interesting one has been baffling at the same time. “Why should I try something new?”

Diversification is essential to any business’s growth and success. While Xenothos LLC is a small and growing outfit, I am constantly looking for new avenues. Whether I am looking to bring on new clients or trying out different forms of marketing, I am always seeking new ways to develop my business.

Here is what I am seeing though. Many companies are afraid to take the leap into different sales and marketing strategies. Why is that? The answer is very simple of course. The economy has been a scary place for the last several years. Businesses are too afraid of new tactics because of this. I too have been scared by this word: economy. Discussing the economy has almost become the newest topic added to the list of taboo discussions you do not have in public.

So how do companies continue to grow given all of this? It is quite simple actually. They have the answers themselves. They want new markets, new customers, new brand exposure. Thus, try new things. They already have their target market and they should keep reaching out to them. However, there are numerous new customers they may be missing out on.

Yes, social media can help. The issue there is you are usually already reaching out to your existing market. Thus, in some ways, they are preaching to the choir.

I have found several new ways to market Xenothos LLC and have seen steady growth and interest. I utilize those same tactics in the work I do for my clients. The key that they understand is that once they try some new techniques, businesses have to give it time to develop. A set time frame is an absolute must, but if that time-frame is 2 days or a couple of weeks, they are already setting themselves up for failure.

I sum this up with a Chinese proverb. “Take chances. When rowing forward, the boat may rock.”

- Phil Sackoor, CEO of Xenothos LLC